The Most Intense Greek Statues

Artemision Bronze

The Artemision bronze is believed to be either Poseidon or Zeus and it is unknown who sculpted it even though suggestions are that it could be either Onata or Myron. It was recover in Cape Artemision from the sea.

Zeus at Olympia

The 13 meter statue of Zeus depicting a sitting giant which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world in today’s times. Greek sculptor Phidias sculpted this magnificent masterpiece and it is in Greece in the Temple of Zeus in Olympia today. It is made from wood and ivory sitting on a throne of cedar wood that is festooned with precious stones, ebonies, gold and ivories.

Athena Parthenos Athena Parthenos

The gigantic statue of Greek Goddess Athena which was discovered in Athens inside the Parthenon, was aptly named Athena Parthenos. Phidia, a renowned Greek sculptor created it.

Lady of Auxerre

When you visit the Louvre Museum in Paris you will immediately notice the 75cm high Lady of Auxerre. It is one of the few small statues ever made and it is guessed to come from the seventh century and it depicts Persephone, a Greek goddess from the 6th century. The statue was only discovered in 1907 in the museum of Auxerre’s vault by a curator of the Paris museum.

Hermes of Praxiteles

This famous statue is believed to come from330BC period and coming from Greek master Praxiteles. It is a creation of Hermes, a Greek god who is carrying Dionysus. This marble statue is housed today inside Greece’s Archaeological Museum of Olympia.

Biton and Kleobis

Polymides of Argos created the twin statues of two brothers Biton and Kleobis during 580 BC. Currently it resides at the Delphi Archaeological Museum in Delphi.

Strangford Apollo from Anafi

Sometime between 500 and 490 BC the statue in honour of Apollo was sculpted in marble but was only rediscovered on an Anafi island by Viscount Strangford and currently it is in the British Museum.

Alexander the Great

Everybody knows or are familiar with the statue of Alexander the Great that is made from bonded marble and marble patina coated. It was sculpted in 280 BC and today it is housed in Greece in the Archaeological Museum.

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